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by Scott Gaffan on August 26, 2016

Change the Name of your Featured Listings Page


We’ve added the ability to change the name of the Featured Listings section of your One Place Agent Web Sites. You can now call it My Listings or Our Listings or anything that you’d like.

To change yours now,

log into OurOnePlace.net

Choose My Website

Choose Site Customization from the side bar links

Scroll down, there’s a field named Featured Listings Custom Label located just below the Homepage Custom Box.

Enter your new name for the page and choose the Update Agent Record button located at the top and bottom of the page.



Agent Contact Report


You have uploaded all of your contacts into One Place using a file that you exported from your last contact database program. You have also been adding new contacts directly into One Place using the web site or the mobile app manually for the past 2 years. Clients have been added to your Contacts from joining your  1st To Know program or by filling out the email capture forms on your website. Now you don’t know who’s in your contact list and who’s not.  Well, we’ve added a quick report that you can run that shows you exactly who’s been added to your One Place Contacts without having to export the entire list. It’s new and it’s called the Agent Contact Report.

To generate this report,
Log into OurOnePlace.net
Choose My Contacts
Choose Agent Contact Report from the side bar links to view the list.
Choose Print Report to print.
Choose Export to Excel if you’d like to export list.



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