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by Scott Gaffan on August 11, 2017


We’ve recently changed our automatically generated YouTube video process. We’ve had to switch to a new vendor so things have changed a little. You may have already received some of the new email notifications, like the sample below, announcing that one of your videos has been generated. I’ve included a sample of one of the new videos above also so you can check out the new layout.

The videos will be generated two days after the listing date as long as the listing has 5 or more photos and has a status of Active or New.  All of these requirements need to be met before the videos are generated. We will continue to look for listings that meet these requirements for video generation up to 14 days after the listing date.  So if you add photos after the 2 days have passed, they will still pull the listing and generate a video for up to 14 days after the list date.

The videos are generated using a maximum of 50 photos. If you load more than 50 photos up to your listing in your MLS, only the first 50 photos will be used to create the video.

The photos in the video will be placed in the same order as they are on the MLS listing.

You will receive 2 separate emails, one for the branded version of your video and one for the unbranded version. Since this process is completely automatic, issues can sometimes occur in the YouTube upload process forcing the upload to fail. If this occurs, you will not receive both links via email and you may have to go in and manually force a video to be removed and re-created.

We are currently going back and processing videos for all of our active properties listed from June 1st of this year to the present as well as all new listings that come on the market.  Since this is a totally automated process, we cannot go in and manually create a video for a single property. If you have a listing that was listed prior to June 1st that needs a video, you would have to relist it so it comes back through as a new listing to have a video generated for it.

Please be patient, we have a large backlog of videos and we’re trying to get caught up on them by the end of this month. You Tube has daily limits on how many videos per day that we can upload so this further constricts our efforts.

We have created a way for you to go into One Place and choose to regenerate a video and I have included a link to step by step instructions below. You can regenerate a video if you don’t like the music, you’ve updated the listing with new photos or if the You Tube upload process failed and you didn’t receive both the branded and unbranded links via email. Due to the large backlog of videos, regenerated video are being pushed to the bottom of the list and will be processed once we have caught up on the existing listings. Once we have everything back to normal, regenerated videos should take less than 12 hours to complete.

Regenerate a YouTube Video


Sample Email

Hello, This is an automated notification from Real Estate One’s Video Posting system to alert you that your video is now available on YouTube for ML# 217050710 – 6145 Mabley Hill Rd S in Fenton:


As a service to you, we automatically create these videos and post them to YouTube as long as the listing has at least 5 photos attached. You can search by address on YouTube to find and review if needed. The publishing to YouTube is done automatically for new listings and republished automatically if there is a price change. You will receive an email each time the video is published.

If the pictures change, we are not able to automatically recreate and republish the video. However, in One Place on the Update Listing screen near the top, you can choose to republish to YouTube by selecting “Yes” for Force YouTube Republish.

Thank you,
Your Real Estate One Family of Companies Technology Staff


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