Access The Mobile Reporter in One Place

by Scott Gaffan on September 22, 2017

Back in May, our amazing accounting department launched the Real Estate One Mobile Reporter, a mobile friendly web page that looks and works like an app.  It’s a fast and easy way to access your most important business stats including closed units, volume, 1099 earnings, YTD plan stats,  A/R balances and more, from anywhere you are and from any of your mobile devices.

We’ve now also created an easy way for you to access the Mobile Reporter from your desktop computer or laptop as well.

Simply log into and choose myactivitystats.

So now you can easily access your most important business stats from any device.

Access the Mobile Reporter in One Place on your desktops and laptops using the two simple steps above.

Create a shortcut to the mobile version of the Mobile Reporter on all of your mobile devices. Select the link below for step by step instructions.
Add a Mobile Reporter Shortcut to your Mobile Device

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