The ShowingTime Mobile App For You And Your Sellers

by Scott Gaffan on December 8, 2017

If you aren’t already using the ShowingTime Mobile app, you definitely should be.

The ShowingTime Mobile app allows you to schedule or confirm showings and sync showings to your mobile calendar.

It provides an easy way to manage feedback because the app allows you to both request feedback from showing agents and respond to showing feedback requests.

You can give your sellers access to the app which will allow them to confirm showings, view feedback that you’ve approved, review their home’s showing activity and view upcoming scheduled showings.  Many of today’s sellers absolutely love these features because they make the selling of their homes and the managing of showings a little less stressful.

You can view listing activity reports in the app and share them with your sellers.

You can even search for MLS listing right in the app.

I’ve included an introduction video and some links below to additional information and to the download the app.

If you aren’t currently using the ShowingTime Mobile app, download it today and you’ll be happy that you did.

The ShowingTime Mobile App

5 Things You Need to Know About the ShowingTime Mobile App

The ShowingTime Mobile App For Sellers

Get The App for iOS

Get The App for Android


Access The Mobile Reporter in One Place

by Scott Gaffan on September 22, 2017

Back in May, our amazing accounting department launched the Real Estate One Mobile Reporter, a mobile friendly web page that looks and works like an app.  It’s a fast and easy way to access your most important business stats including closed units, volume, 1099 earnings, YTD plan stats,  A/R balances and more, from anywhere you are and from any of your mobile devices.

We’ve now also created an easy way for you to access the Mobile Reporter from your desktop computer or laptop as well.

Simply log into and choose myactivitystats.

So now you can easily access your most important business stats from any device.

Access the Mobile Reporter in One Place on your desktops and laptops using the two simple steps above.

Create a shortcut to the mobile version of the Mobile Reporter on all of your mobile devices. Select the link below for step by step instructions.
Add a Mobile Reporter Shortcut to your Mobile Device


New YouTube Listing Videos

by Scott Gaffan on August 11, 2017


We’ve recently changed our automatically generated YouTube video process. We’ve had to switch to a new vendor so things have changed a little. You may have already received some of the new email notifications, like the sample below, announcing that one of your videos has been generated. I’ve included a sample of one of the new videos above also so you can check out the new layout.

The videos will be generated two days after the listing date as long as the listing has 5 or more photos and has a status of Active or New.  All of these requirements need to be met before the videos are generated. We will continue to look for listings that meet these requirements for video generation up to 14 days after the listing date.  So if you add photos after the 2 days have passed, they will still pull the listing and generate a video for up to 14 days after the list date.

The videos are generated using a maximum of 50 photos. If you load more than 50 photos up to your listing in your MLS, only the first 50 photos will be used to create the video.

The photos in the video will be placed in the same order as they are on the MLS listing.

You will receive 2 separate emails, one for the branded version of your video and one for the unbranded version. Since this process is completely automatic, issues can sometimes occur in the YouTube upload process forcing the upload to fail. If this occurs, you will not receive both links via email and you may have to go in and manually force a video to be removed and re-created.

We are currently going back and processing videos for all of our active properties listed from June 1st of this year to the present as well as all new listings that come on the market.  Since this is a totally automated process, we cannot go in and manually create a video for a single property. If you have a listing that was listed prior to June 1st that needs a video, you would have to relist it so it comes back through as a new listing to have a video generated for it.

Please be patient, we have a large backlog of videos and we’re trying to get caught up on them by the end of this month. You Tube has daily limits on how many videos per day that we can upload so this further constricts our efforts.

We have created a way for you to go into One Place and choose to regenerate a video and I have included a link to step by step instructions below. You can regenerate a video if you don’t like the music, you’ve updated the listing with new photos or if the You Tube upload process failed and you didn’t receive both the branded and unbranded links via email. Due to the large backlog of videos, regenerated video are being pushed to the bottom of the list and will be processed once we have caught up on the existing listings. Once we have everything back to normal, regenerated videos should take less than 12 hours to complete.

Regenerate a YouTube Video


Sample Email

Hello, This is an automated notification from Real Estate One’s Video Posting system to alert you that your video is now available on YouTube for ML# 217050710 – 6145 Mabley Hill Rd S in Fenton:


As a service to you, we automatically create these videos and post them to YouTube as long as the listing has at least 5 photos attached. You can search by address on YouTube to find and review if needed. The publishing to YouTube is done automatically for new listings and republished automatically if there is a price change. You will receive an email each time the video is published.

If the pictures change, we are not able to automatically recreate and republish the video. However, in One Place on the Update Listing screen near the top, you can choose to republish to YouTube by selecting “Yes” for Force YouTube Republish.

Thank you,
Your Real Estate One Family of Companies Technology Staff



The New zipForm® Plus User Interface

by Scott Gaffan on August 4, 2017


Ziplogix™ has just launched a new zipForm® Plus user interface. The new interface is available now and you can access it by choosing the Try New Plus button located at the top of your zipForm® Plus Transactions page, the page that you see when you first log into your account. The new interface is even more user friendly and easy to adapt to. Everything that you’re used to seeing is there, it’s just more efficiently accessible.  The new interface is available for the next 90 days as a choice for those that are ready and eager to try out the new layout.  At the end of the 90 day period, all accounts will automatically switch over to the new interface.  I’ve included a link to a PDF tutorial below that will help you navigate the new layout.

zipForm® Plus Quick Tips for the New User Interface

This means that you have 90 days to learn the new interface before it becomes the only interface. So don’t procrastinate and wait until the last day or until the middle of an important transaction to try to figure it all out in a panic. : -)   If you have any questions or need any additional help, feel free to contact me directly anytime.




New Facebook Workshops

by Scott Gaffan on July 7, 2017


I’m beginning a new series of workshop based training classes. These classes will be slower paced and hands on with smaller class sizes.

To kick this series off, I have scheduled two Facebook Workshops.  One for setting up a basic Facebook profile page and one focused on setting up a Facebook business page.

The classes will be held here in Southfield in the Real Estate One Academy classrooms and will also be available to be scheduled regionally out at your offices.

Participants will be required to bring in their own laptops. Class sizes will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants in each session to ensure that everyone receives as much attention and assistance as they need.

The two classes are listed below and there are two separate dates scheduled for each class.

You can register for each class in One Place (step by step registration instructions below) and if the classes are already full when you register your name will be added to a waiting list. If you can’t get into one of these first 2 classes there will be 2 more classes offered again in August. If you have any questions feel free to call or email me at anytime.

To register to attend one of these new workshops, log into
Choose mymarkets from the main links across the top of the page.
Choose the Class Registration link from the bottom of the left sidebar menu.
All 4 classes will display. Check the class dates and times and choose the Register link on the class that you would like to attend.
Complete the short form at the bottom of the page.
Choose Register.

Facebook One – The Basics

Workshop participants will be led step by step through the process of setting up a Facebook account (for those that don’t already have one).  Attendees will receive help with basic privacy settings,  adding their profile photos and completing their About section.  This workshop will also cover content sharing, how to share all of the different types of content, what to share, why to share it and where and how to find it. Liking, Commenting, Sharing other people’s content and how to create links to use to invite people to follow on Facebook will also be covered. If you don’t already have a Facebook account or you launched an account but never took the time to learn how to use it effectively, this class is for you.

July 18th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

July 27th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Facebook Two – Creating and Maintaining a Facebook Business Page

Workshop participants will be led step by step through the process of launching a Facebook business page. Attendees will go through setting up a page, adding photos, completing the About section and setting up a call to action button. They will also go through business page content sharing strategies, what to share, when to share it and where to find it.  Measuring success with Insights, Organic and Paid reach and Boosting Posts will also be covered in detail.

July 18th from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

July 27th from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Mobile Reporter

by Scott Gaffan on May 11, 2017


The Real Estate One Mobile Reporter is a fast and easy way to access your most important business stats including closed units, volume, 1099 earnings, YTD plan stats,  A/R balances and more, from anywhere you are and from any of your mobile devices. It’s a mobile friendly web page that looks and works like an app.

To access the Mobile Reporter simply tap the image or link below while viewing this page on your phone or tablet or enter the address below into the address bar of your web browser.


The link should open in your phone’s web browser and the page that displays should look like the sample below. You can log into the Mobile Reporter using your Our One Place login (last 6 digits of your State ID number as your user name and the last 4 digits of your SS number as your password).

To add a short cut icon to access the Mobile Reporter from your phone or tablet’s home screen, select the link below for your specific phone type.

Adding a Mobile Reporter shortcut to your iOS device – iPhone/iPad

Adding a Mobile Reporter shortcut to your Android device



Share and Boost Your Listings on Facebook

by Scott Gaffan on March 10, 2017

Sharing Listings on Facebook from REO Scott’s Tech Tips on Vimeo.


Custom CMA Pages and the New Responsive Our One Place

February 24, 2017

The New Responsive Our One Place We updated the site this week to a new responsive design layout. The new design adapts to the size of the screen that you’re viewing it on making it easier to use on any sized mobile device.   Upload Your Own Custom CMA Pages You can now add your own […]

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Farm Lists

February 3, 2017

We’ve added a new module to One Place called Farm Lists. It allows you to create targeted mailing lists for marketing from tax records, your contact lists or a combination of both. These lists are saved and can be mailed to at anytime. You can generate envelopes, labels or postcards and even export the lists […]

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Realcomp MLS Connect is Now Active in zipForm® Plus

January 16, 2017

We have recently activated MLS Connect for Realcomp on all of our zipForm® Plus agent accounts that have access to the zipForm® Realcomp forms library.  MLS Connect allows you auto populate your forms with basic listing information directly from the MLS. I created the short video below to show you how it works. If you have access to the Realcomp forms library then […]

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