What’s New in One Place

by Scott Gaffan on August 26, 2016

Change the Name of your Featured Listings Page


We’ve added the ability to change the name of the Featured Listings section of your One Place Agent Web Sites. You can now call it My Listings or Our Listings or anything that you’d like.

To change yours now,

log into OurOnePlace.net

Choose My Website

Choose Site Customization from the side bar links

Scroll down, there’s a field named Featured Listings Custom Label located just below the Homepage Custom Box.

Enter your new name for the page and choose the Update Agent Record button located at the top and bottom of the page.



Agent Contact Report


You have uploaded all of your contacts into One Place using a file that you exported from your last contact database program. You have also been adding new contacts directly into One Place using the web site or the mobile app manually for the past 2 years. Clients have been added to your Contacts from joining your  1st To Know program or by filling out the email capture forms on your website. Now you don’t know who’s in your contact list and who’s not.  Well, we’ve added a quick report that you can run that shows you exactly who’s been added to your One Place Contacts without having to export the entire list. It’s new and it’s called the Agent Contact Report.

To generate this report,
Log into OurOnePlace.net
Choose My Contacts
Choose Agent Contact Report from the side bar links to view the list.
Choose Print Report to print.
Choose Export to Excel if you’d like to export list.




TechHelpline – Your Personal Support Team

by Scott Gaffan on August 5, 2016


Did you know that you can receive top quality tech support services on your own personal office computer equipment over the phone, online chat or email at no additional charge to you?

TechHelpline is a technical support team that we’ve contracted with to provide you with live computer support on your personal computer equipment. This service is included in your monthly tech fee so there’s no additional charge for the help.

You can contact TechHelpline for standard technical needs such as removing computer viruses and spyware, improving speed, syncing Outlook or other devices, software applications and software repair, hardware issues, internet problems, data recovery services, printer help and scanner and monitor issues. You can also ask their helpful experts for their recommendations on preferred products and equipment, basic instruction and software upgrade information. Click here for a full detailed list of available services.

The TechHelpline experts are based in the US, and offer fast and courteous service without limits on the number of calls or length of time per call. Support is available Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT in both English and Spanish. Technicians are available to provide live support via  phone, email and online chat.





Contacts Email Log and the Market Minute Video Plan

by Scott Gaffan on July 22, 2016


Market Minute Videos Now Available as a One Place Plan

We have recently made the Market Minute videos available as a monthly plan in One Place. Now you can set them up to be automatically emailed out to your clients each month. If you’ve never seen a Market Minute Video, check out a sample here.

To set up the Market Minute Video plan,
Log into OurOnePlace.com
Choose mycontacts.
Choose the contact that you would like to set up the plan for (select the contact name to open up the Detail View of the contact record).
Scroll down to the Manage Plans section and choose Add New Plan.
Choose Market Minute Video from the Plan Name drop-down menu.
Select a Plan Start Date (it defaults to today’s date).
Enter the Zip Code of the market area that your contact would be interested in receiving information on.
Choose Add New Plan.

To add the plan to multiple contacts,
Log into OurOnePlace.com
Choose mycontacts.
From the Contacts Summary page, choose Assign Plan from the side bar links.
Choose Market Minute Video from the Plan Name drop-down menu.
Select a Plan Start Date if you need to change it from the default.
Enter the Zip Code of the market area that your contacts would be interested in receiving information on.
Place a check mark in the check box next to each contact that you’d like added to the plan (every one that you select will receive the market video for the Zip Code that you entered in the step above).
Choose Assign Plan

The New One Place Contacts Email Log


We have also created an Email Log that will help you to keep track of what you’ve sent out to each of your contacts. The email log keeps a running log of every email that is sent to a contact through One Place. That includes messages set up and sent manually and ones sent through automated plans. Each of the emails are date and time stamped and allow you to see a preview of the actual message that was sent out.  It will also display the date and time that the email was viewed, if it was viewed, by your contact.

To view a contact’s Email Log,
Log into OurOnePlace.com
Choose mycontacts.
Choose the contact that you would like to view the Email Log for (select the contact name to open up the Detail View of the contact record).
Choose Email Log from the side bar links.
Choose the amount of days back that you’d like to review or choose All.


Comparable Pages With 9 Photos
We’ve updated the Comparable pages to display up to 9 photos of each property. You must choose the 1 up Comp option in the Generated Company Packaged CMA dropdown menu or the Comparable Properties – 1up – 9 Photos option from the Generate Custom CMA list to have the photos display.

New CMA Agent Bio Page
We’ve made the CMA Agent Bio page a little easier to create and edit. Originally, the Agent Bio page was generated by combining all of the content from the individual text sections on the Custom Letter/Bio page into one page. This left spaces on the finished Bio if individual sections were left blank. Now there’s a new text box at the bottom of the Custom Letter/Bio page titled Agent Bio that you can edit any way that you’d like similar to the Cover Letter at the top. We used all of your existing information from the individual sections to create your new Agent Bio page and now you can edit it right in the Agent Bio text section. We will eventually remove the individual sections but have left them temporarily for your convenience.

Remember you create a permanent copy of your information under the Form Letter/Bio tab located at the top of the page and that auto populates the Custom Letter/Bio section of each CMA so you don’t have to re-write your information for each CMA. Then you can tweak the permanent one for each CMA if you need to. Select the graphic below for a more visual explanation.

agent bio sample

Adding Your Own Content to a One Place CMA Presentation
If you have content of your own that you’d like to add into your One Place CMA presentations, you can simply print it on your CMA letterhead. Keep a stack of pre-printed letterhead so you can just feed it into the printer anytime you do a CMA and need custom pages. The letterhead can be found in the Marketing Materials section in One Place and the header and footer match the pages of your One Place CMA.

To access the Marketing Materials section in One Place,
Log in to OurOnePlace.net
Choose Personalized Promotional Materials from the Market Yourself section to expand the submenu.
Choose Marketing Materials.
Choose Letterhead with Agent Photo.
When the letterhead PDF opens, choose Print from the file menu to print a few copies and choose Save As if you’d like to save a copy to your computer. Now you can just load the letterhead back into your printer, create a document that fits inside the header and footer and print it onto the letterhead (You may need to run a couple of tests to figure out the right way to feed it back into your particular model of printer to get it to print on the correct side and with the correct orientation).




We’ve updated the One Place Listing Activity Reports. We’ve changed the layout and added web view data from Zillow and Realtor.com. We’ve also added showing information, the listing’s current competition and recently sold listings, market conditions for the property’s zip code and all of the listing photos. Select the link below to see a sample of the new report.

One Place Listing Activity Report Sample

These reports can be customized and manually emailed to your seller or set up to be sent to them automatically weekly or monthly by setting up a plan.

To send a Listing Activity Report manually,
Log into OurOnePlace.net
Choose mylistings.
Select the small magnifying glass icon next to the listing that you’d like to use and choose Listing Activity Report from the drop down menu.

mag icon 3

To email the report manually, choose Email Now
Enter your clients email address, a subject and a personalized message.
Choose Preview Email to view the report before sending.
Choose Send Email to send the report.
From this section you can also quickly set up the report to automatically be sent weekly by choosing Email Weekly from the side bar links and associating it with your seller’s contact record. To send the report automatically monthly instead of weekly, you’ll need to set up a plan by following the steps below.

To send a Listing Activity Report automatically monthly,
Log into OurOnePlace.net
Choose mycontacts.
Open your seller’s contact record. If your seller isn’t already added as a contact, add them.
Scroll down to the Manage Plans section.
Choose Add New Plan.
From the Plan Name drop down menu, choose Auto Send Listing Activity Rpt-Monthly to have the report sent automatically monthly or choose Automatic Weekly Listing Activity Report Email to have the report sent automatically weekly.
Choose Add New Plan.




The New One Place Agent Website Testimonials Page

by Scott Gaffan on April 13, 2016


We’ve added an option to the Testimonials page of your One Place website that will now allow your clients to add testimonials right to your page. We have migrated all of your existing testimonials over to the new page and it’s all set up and ready to have your clients write all kinds of wonderful things about you. We are temporarily leaving the old testimonial text in the old testimonial section found on the Site Customization page in your One Place website manager just in case you need to review it.

Remember, you need to have at least one testimonial entered on your page to have the Testimonials link appear in the Get to Know Me menu of your website.

You’ll have the opportunity to review each testimonial before it appears on your site. When one of your clients adds a testimonial, you’ll receive an email allowing you to review the testimonial and within the email, modify the display status to Show. Testimonials will not be publicly viewable until the display status is set to Show. Publicly submitted testimonials default to a status of Review.

The system is also set up to automatically copy the testimonial text submitted to the public side of your site to your office manager.

The Add a Testimonial form that displays, allows your clients to also rate different aspects of your service with a star rating. We are not displaying the star rating on the public side of your site at this time.

To help make it easier for your clients to add a testimonial, send them a direct link to your testimonials page. Go to your website (go to your actual web site address not your domain name – your first and last name dot your brand dot com like this http://conneterova.realestateone.com). Go to your testimonials page and copy the address that displays in the address bar of your web browser. You can paste this link into an email and send it to a client, You could also add this link to your email signature so your new clients can check out all of the great things that your past clients have to say about working with you.

You can also add and manage testimonial content within your profile in One Place by selecting the Testimonials link from the sidebar in the My Website section. See the screen shot below.




If you currently use an email address in your One Place profile that is not a company email alias you should update it now.

To update your email address;
Log in to OurOnePlace.net
Choose MyWebsite from the menu across the top of the page.
Enter your company email alias address in the Primary Email field.
If you still want to use your actual email address, you can enter it in to the Secondary Email field.
* If you add a second email address, messages sent to you from your website will be sent to both email addresses and messages that are sent out from One Place will be sent using your Primary Email address.


Most email providers have recently changed their DMARC policy on sending messages to their users from a separate marketing system like One Place.

These changes have occurred to help protect their users from exposure to potentially fraudulent & harmful messages.

That means that if you are sending a marketing email from One Place, as an individual email or as part of an automated plan, you must use your company email alias address and not your actual email address. The email providers of your recipients do not allow the sending of messages from a marketing email system to their users from an email account that they cannot verify should be sending emails on their behalf.

When you send an email from a system other than your actual email portal, like a message sent from the One Place email marketing system and you use your @yahoo.com address for example. It makes it appear to the receivers email provider that you are email spoofing their users because they can see that the message didn’t come from your regular email portal. The receiver’s email provider will block the message 100% of the time.

So marketing emails sent from One Place have to come from a company email alias account. If they come from @realestateone.com for example, the receiver’s email provider can check the message and ask, is this marketing system supposed to send messages from this email account and our DNS is setup to say, yes it is valid email, and they will let it through.

We cannot control the other email providers to make them say it’s OK to send from our system, so your messages cannot be “from” any other email address.



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